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Automation of home and office environments has become core critical in socio-economic transformation of present day modern societies. Founded in 2000, Home and office Automation Limited has as its main mission the provision of high quality and cost-effective information systems and technology products to businesses, governments, and individuals. Our goal is to become the leader in modern computerized Business and knowledge Process Management Systems in Nigeria


Kaduna State Government: Computerisation of cadastral and land registry from the New Millennium City, Kaduna, and the provision of Geospatial Data Infrastructure

Katsina State Government. Software design, development, training, and preparation of ID card for Teachers and pensioners in Katsina State
We aspire to specialize in providing innovative, professional management solution, using state-of-the-art tools and techniques in large Database Management Systems (DBMS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Networking Designs and Administration (NDA), Computerized Land Administration, Geospatial Data Infrastructure, Document Management Systems, knowledge-based Research and Consultancy, Project Management and Evaluation, and Fiscal design and accounting process optimization, and training and knowledge-and-skils 
Geographic Information System
IT Training (Corporate)
General IT Consultancy

Software Development

General Computer Supply

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